Saturday, March 28, 2009

Teen Book Festival

I just found out about a Teen Book Festival (thanks Book Girl!) that will be in Rochester, NY next weekend. Check out the information at A great list of authors will be presenting, including Ellen Hopkins, Sharon Flake, David Levithan, Chris Van Etten and lots more. All I need to do is arrange a baby-sitter (my daughter is a little too young for this just yet...) and I'm there!


  1. Have you read Sara Zarr's Sweethearts? It made me cry, it was soo good! I highly suggest it! I can't wait to meet Ellen Hopkins! Now I just need to arrange a ride and I'm there :-p Mom isn't really in to the whole day author signing :-( I'm trying to get some friends together though :-D Ahh, I'm so excited!

  2. sounds exciting! I wish I were in NY so I could take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity. Btw, I couldn't help but notice you're reading "Marked: A House of Night". Great book!